Company Profile

Company Profile

Name AC Networks, Inc.
Representative CEO Shinya Yoshii
Location Head Office:
CN-1 Building 8F, Kiba 5-5-2, Koto-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-5621-8741 FAX: +81-3-5621-8742
Established February 1, 2003
Capital 25 million yen
Business 1. Maintenance of IT devices, POS and ES systems
2. Installation and adjustment of POS and information systems
3. Installation and maintenance of FAX and multifunction devices
4. Creation of operation manuals for information devices and training
5. Operation of call center and support center (help desk)
6. Design and development of information devices and software
7. Human resources management and recruiting
8. All other activities related to the aforementioned businesses
Affiliate Companies Cresson, Inc. (software development)
Bankers Mizuho Bank, Seibu Shikin Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank and others.
Professional Organizations The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry,Open Foodservice systems Consortium


June 2015 The in-house management system, ACTION, was upgraded to ACTION II.
April 2014 The IVR system was installed at the Contact Solution Center.
May 2013 Head office moved to Kiba, koto-ku, Tokyo. (current location).
November 2009 The Yaesu, Nihonbashi, and Odawara offices were consolidated into the Head office located at Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo.
June 2009 Acquired "Privacy Mark" certification
February 2008 Company name changed to "AC Networks, Inc."
January 2008 Paid-in capital increased to 25 million yen.
October 2007 Network of maintenance support locations increased to 50 locations across Japan.
August 2007 Paid-in capital increased to 17 million yen.
June 2006 Maintenance support user locations increased to 5,000 outlets across Japan.
June 2005 Network of maintenance support locations increased to 33 locations across Japan.
December 2004 Maintenance support user locations increases to 4,000 outlets across Japan.
October 2004 Head office moved from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo to Chuo-ku, Tokyo
June 2004 Maintenance support offices increases to 27 locations across the country.
March 2004 ACN call center (toll free) operating 24/7 begins.
May 2003 Corporate structure changed to a limited company with paid-in capital increased to 10.5 million yen.
February 2003 Ambulance Communication Network Yugen Gaisha established in Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo. Onsite maintenance of approximately 3,000 nationwide outlets begins.


June 2015 AC Networks began providing help desk and on-site maintenance services for a foreign-affiliated apparel franchise.
September 2014 AC Networks began providing maintenance and inspection services for ticket-vending machines.
September 2013 AC Networks began providing store management system installation, maintenance, and inspection services for highway service areas in the Kanto, Tohoku, and Hokkaido regions.
July 2013 AC Networks began providing help desk services for amusement parks.
June 2012 AC Networks began full scale TTO system kitting, installation, and maintenance services.
April 2012 AC Networks began providing handy terminal repair services.
June 2011 AC Networks began providing installation and maintenance services for European-made POS systems.
March 2010 AC Networks launched ACTION, a help-desk management system.
April 2009 New POS system implemented for a nationwide coffee shop chain.
July 2008 Maintenance services begins for 1,400 outlets of a nationwide coffee shop chain.
February 2008 POS system for a 24-hour restaurant both temporarily and permanently installed.
August 2007 EDY terminals installed and implemented for a coffee-house chain.
August 2007 Replacement of POS+OES system begins for a family restaurant chain.
March 2007 WEB cameras installed for a high-end restaurant chain based in the Kanto region.
October 2006 Replacement of employees' work schedule system implemented at 250 outlets of a nationwide family restaurant.
March 2006 Operational systems implemented for 200 outlets of a major nationwide steak restaurant chain.
January 2005 Replacement of ticket-vending machines at 100 outlets across Japan due to new tickets; staff training.
September 2004 Operational systems for a large dining-out chain restaurant implemented.
March 2004 ACN call center begins (operated 24/7)
February 2004 Onsite maintenance in approximately 3,000 offices throughout Japan as a new company.