Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

AC Networks, Inc.
CEO Shinya Yoshii

1.Philosophy of Personal Information Protection
In order to develop creative and highly skilled human resources, and offer superior and convenient services, the Company undertakes the installation and maintenance of POS systems and document processing devices. We firmly believe that our success lies in the mutual trust between the Company and concerned entities (customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees). To ensure all personal information received by the Company during the course of its business is handled in strictest confidence, the Company has stipulated this Personal Information Protection Policy to be the standard adhered to by all company executives and employees.
The Company does not use personal information beyond the scope of purpose of use specified beforehand.
Moreover, the Company handles all personal information in compliance with the "Act on Personal Information Protection," "Guideline for the Personal Information Protection Act," "Policies Concerning Recommended Measures to be Taken by Companies to Ensure Appropriate Handling of Personal Information in Recruitment Process," and Japan Industrial Standard JISQ15001:2006, "Personal Information Protection Management Systems–Requirements."
Definition of various terms in this Personal Information Protection Policy conforms to personal information protection laws.

2.Establishment of Internal Management System
The Company will take the following steps for proper handling of personal information.
(1) The Company will strictly abide by the laws concerning the handling of personal information, as well as policies and regulations stipulated by the country of origin.
(2) The Company will put in place internal rules and regulations for the handling of personal information.
(3) The Company will outline measures for the prevention and correction (redress) due to disclosure, loss, or damage of any personal information.
(4)The Company will assign and dedicate personnel in charge of "Personal Information Protection" to ensure strict adherence to internal rules and regulations.
(5) All employees, including company executives, will undergo training related to the handling of personal information annually.
(6) The Company will audit and review the internal rules and regulations, and status of compliance with such rules and regulations, at least once a year.
(7) The Company will continuously improve and upgrade the personal information management system for the protection of personal information.

2.Acquisition and Use of Personal Information
(1) [Purpose of Use]
Personal information received by the Company from the individual in writing is used only within the scope of the purpose of use disclosed and agreed to at the time of receiving such information. Personal information acquired through other means is also used only within the scope of purpose, published separately. Click Here for Purpose of Use
(1) Installation and Maintenance of POS System
* Communicating the details of personnel involved in installation and maintenance of POS system to customers.
* Queries, responses, and notifications pertaining to installation and maintenance operations of POS system.
* Conducting questionnaire survey regarding satisfaction level, policies, etc.
(2) Installation and Maintenance of Document Processing Products
* Communicating the details of personnel involved in installation and maintenance of document processing devices to customers.
* Queries, responses, and notifications pertaining to installation and maintenance operations of document processing devices.
* Conducting questionnaire surveys regarding satisfaction level, policies, etc.
The Company will obtain prior consent from the client in case it wishes to use the personal information for purposes other than those mentioned above.
(2) [Discretion of Providing Personal Information]
In the event of a request for the provision of personal information from the Company to a client, the client can decide to provide such personal information to the Company at its discretion. However, the Company may or may not be able to offer a part or all of its services with incomplete client information.
(3) [Automatic Acquisition of Information]
An access log is recorded in the Company website for website evaluation. However, cookies are not used.
All information automatically acquired will be handled as per the information security-related rules and regulations of the Company, and preserved appropriately.
(4) [Use and Provision to Third Parties]
Except for the following cases, the Company does use personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use, and does not provide personal information to third parties.
1. When an individual has given consent. When disclosing personal information to a third party, confidentiality protection, prohibition of sharing with a third party, and suspension of use upon request from the client are included in the terms of the agreement.
2. When disclosure is required by law.
3. When it is necessary to protect life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain prior consent.
4. When it is of particular necessity for the enhancement of public health or the sound development of children, and it is difficult to obtain prior consent.
5. When it is necessary for cooperating with a government institution, local government organization, or person(s) who have received entrustment from these organizations in performing the duties required by laws and regulation, and the execution of such duties may be affected by notifying or disclosing the purpose of use to the client.
(5) [Outsourcing]
The Company may outsource whole or part of the entire work involving handling personal information to an external party for the best quality and seamless operations. (When doing so, the Company will select a vendor having adequate safety measures in place, and require the vendor to enter into a contractual agreement for safety management measures.)

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Clients * Provide information related to POS and document processing products' installation and maintenance business, contract and application processing, invoicing and collections, delivering of products and services, quality management, service improvement, and for any other purpose disclosed at the time of acquisition or agreed upon by the client.
* Provide information to the project partners of the Company with regard to the aforementioned purposes.
* Provide information to collection agencies for the preservation of credit.
Shareholders * For the enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligations as per Commercial Law, and for the special benefits of shareholders.
Business Partners
* For regular contact as per contractual terms and for the purposes of performance of services, and completing required procedures.
Recruitment Applicants, Employees * For the recruitment and selection process.
* For the purposes stipulated in Employee Information Management Regulations.
Outsourcing Business * To handle the outsourcing of installation and maintenance of document processing devices and POS system of the Company.
General * To respond to requests such as disclosure of personal data.
* For safety management of the facilities and network of the Company.

Inquiries Regarding Complaints, Consultation, Suspension of Use, or Other Issues Related to Personal Information
(1) In case of requests from any individual (including proxy) for disclosure, corrections, suspension of provision, and usage regarding personal data in possession of the Company, the Company will promptly accommodate such requests after verifying the identity of the requestor.
If in agreement with the terms and conditions of "Handling the Personal Information" of the Company, please write your name at the designated place in the document (Application Form for Disclosure / Corrections / Suspension of Use) stipulated by the Company and forward to the Company.
Moreover, we will respond to any questions and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by the Company.
We will also respond promptly to complaints and other inquiries. However, we may not be able to accommodate requests regarding the deletion of data where such requests are in conflict with legal obligations for data preservation.
(2) For any inquiries concerning the aforementioned personal information (1), please contact the following. You may be requested to provide necessary documents or a response to our questions, depending on the nature of the inquiry. If you would like to send your response through registered post, 1,000 yen (including tax) will be levied as a handling charge.

Inquiries accepted weekdays from 9 AM–5 PM.

Contact: Personal Information Inquiry Counter
TEL: +81-3-5621-8741 FAX: +81-3-5621-8742