Shinya YoshiiWe celebrated our 17th anniversary last year. We would like to extend thanks to all our clients and partners for supporting us.

Starting with on-site support services specialized for the restaurant industry, we have expanded our service areas to include kitting installation, help desks, and repair services. We also established a mechanism to collectively support all relevant operations and have diversified our clientele to include the distribution and financial services industries.

Up until now, the number of our support systems we’ve provided has grown to well over 10,000. This includes POS, ordering, store controller, and settlement terminal systems.

In order to meet the needs of our growing number of customers across diverse sectors, we upgrade our information system every several years not only to expand our capacity to provide support, but also in order to enhance the quality of our services.

We will remain a company that isn’t afraid to take on a challenge and continue to make efforts company-wide to establish new system support mechanisms that are in line with the times.

Multi-vendor Maintenance

In order to provide a one-stop solution for complex systems, we have implemented a multi-vendor maintenance structure. This unique support system has won the admiration for its resilience and adaptability in working with any product type. Today our support system covers products manufactured not only in Japan, but also from Asia and Europe.

One-stop Solution

In providing system support, it is critical to fully understand hardware as well as OS, software, and their operations. We offer our clients a one-stop solution by not only providing the repair and replacement of devices, but also by undertaking operational support.

Based on the following corporate mission statement and basic principle, we strive to become an integral and indispensable partner in an ever-sophisticated IT society, united with all employees.

Basic Principle

AC Networks Inc. contributes to the growth of corporations and society by supporting the development of efficient systems, and by maintaining an environment where IT systems as the backbone of modern society can be properly utilized.

Mission Statement