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Maintenance System

Maintenance System

Maintenance service

It is impossible to know when a failure will occur. A highly sophisticated, networked society complicates cause-detection for system failure. In addition to quick response 24/7, 365 days a year, our nationwide network of offices is committed to providing quality improvements for the prevention of failure reoccurrences.

Installation / Training / Inspection

Onsite installations can be performed on any specified date. We accommodate client requests such as simultaneous implementations in multiple outlets, or installations on weekends and holidays. To help the client readily operate the system, we offer operational training, open inspection, and all necessary support. Group training for POS and order systems are also provided.

Data analysis / Quality improvement suggestions

All work is recorded in our files. Based on these recorded files, we analyze the problem causes and provide suggestions for quality improvements. The purpose of maintenance services is not merely the repair of defective devices: it also reduces costs and minimizes sale losses, together with implementing continual improvements. These are the essential elements of maintenance services that AC Networks offers.

Contact Solution Center

Even after an operation has begun, operators (i.e., people) may change, while no changes have been made to the system itself. Or perhaps, a system owner internally alters the system. Nonetheless, our services can be of tremendous support for people operating these systems. Our services will help to prevent errors and operational mistakes beforehand, thus improving customer service.

Kitting installation

The installation of OS, applications, settings, and final checks before the implementation of a system is an enourmous task. For improved operating efficiencies, kitting is used.
In addition, device repair manuals and checklists are prepared for a prompt response and action in the event of a failure.

Send-back repair

We also offer send-back repair services for the systems that can be replaced by store staff. After identifying and locating problems, we will send replacement equipment to the store. Damaged parts will be inspected and repaired, and parts which meet the inspection standards will be stored as maintenance parts.